7 Key Ingredients Needed To Create Compelling Blog Content


In order to attract readers to your blog, you must create compelling content. This means that your content must quickly get the reader’s attention – and hold on to it. But, at the same time, you must make an emotional connection with the reader. Compelling content will help the reader start to believe you and trust you, and will in turn help build an emotional connection with the reader. This is what will make your blog a success. Here is a list of the most essential ingredients to achieve this success.

1. Your Title Must Grab The Reader

Generally, you want your title to include all the essential keywords of the subject that your article discusses. Titles that try to be too cute or too hip will simply confuse the search engines, and certainly confuse your audience. Keep the title simple, and right on point. Your article title is the first thing that will grab your reader’s attention. Make it count.

2. Use Your Own Voice

It is imperative to speak directly to your reader using your own voice, using informal language. Doing this will allow your personality show through to the reader. It will make you appear more honest and open. A reader will appreciate this and because of your honesty start to build a trust with you. Consistently using the same writing voice will also help the reader start to build an emotional connection with you.

3. Keep It Short

Blog posts should generally be between 400 and 800 words. Readers want you to give them the information they need as quickly as possible. If your article is any longer, try to break it up into two or three separate postings. Don’t name them using ‘Part 1’, ‘Part 2’, etc. Give each article its own name. Keeping each blog post short will force you to keep your writing very tight and stay on point. Readers will appreciate this, and start to trust you more.

4. Make It Informative And Inspiring

Practical, useful, insightful, inspiring, honest, and helpful content, that provides the information that your audience is looking for, is by far the best way to build an audience that will come back for more. Your article’s title initially grabbed the reader’s attention, and got them to start reading your blog post. Now you must present the information that the title promised to deliver. Delivering what you promised will give you credibility with the reader, and help the reader trust you more.

5. Show Your Passion

You should allow your passion for the subject matter to show through to the reader in every blog posting. If you are not truly passionate about your topic, and passionate about sharing your information, your readers will sense your lack of commitment immediately. Your lack of passion will push readers away – and they won’t come back for more.

6. Be Visually Appealing

This means using a numbered list, or bullet points, italics, bolded headings, highlighting text with colors, and using a photograph or graphic that will catch their attention. The subject matter of the photograph or graphic can be directly related to the topic, or just be there to catch their eye. If you add links to your article, make sure that the link text is blue. All of these design tips will help your reader move through your article quickly and efficiently.

7. Make An Emotional Connection

The advice that I have given you so far all lead up to this. Making an emotional connection with your reader. This is the key ingredient for all successful blogs. If you consistently use the six ingredients I have shown you, you will quickly build an emotional connection with your reader. This will in turn build a lasting relationship with your reader. Then when it comes time to promote and sell your products and services, you will already have an audience that is willing to listen to what you have to offer them.


Don’t fall into the trap of ignoring these key ingredients because you think that you can trick the readers into reading your blog posts. The readers are not stupid. The instant that they get the slightest hint that you are not being honest with them, and that you really can’t help them with their problems, they will stop reading your blog – and never come back. By sticking to these seven ingredients you will create a successful blog that will pull in more readers and followers.

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