7 Ways To Make Your Blog Content Go Viral

If you’re stretching your literary expertise to captivate readers, please stop. Instead of blogging, write a book. Blog posts don’t need to read like literary Pulitzer to fulfill the reading satisfaction of viral blog readers… But how about some quality content?

#1 – Pack in Solutions Readers Need

If you’re the answer to the biggest problem currently on the net… Trust me, you’ll get passed around, shared, referred, referenced, linked, and read. That’s the simplest way ever to take a post viral. Be a solution.

#2 – List the 7 BEST Ways to Do

Anything. How about the 7 Best Ways to Catch a Man? Or maybe the 7 Best Ways to Keep Your Wife Happy? How about the 7 Best Ways to Do Business Online? Or maybe the 7 Best Ways to Write Viral Content? Maybe you just need to know the 7 Best Ways to Get a Job? Write those.

#3 – Showcase a Long Form Paper

When a client asks a particularly pertinent question and I write an email in response, if it’s more than 200 words, I find a way to showcase that information, by adding detail, bullet points, graphic elements, and specific details required by most people. Some of my best online content started out life as a response to a client email. And… You know what? My clients love it. If one client asked about the problem, more of them need to know. Answer those question in a paper format, post it on your website, link to it often, and send back referrals links, because more people need to know.

#4 – Document the Stories

Nobody remembers a how to, when it’s just a list of steps. When you tell the story – people understand and they follow through with action. A simple call to action at the end of the story makes sense, provides ability to follow through and becomes part of the overall experience. When did I get to this part? What now? All those questions can be answered in the story with your specific call to action.

#5 – Involve Readers in Your Message

Interviews, questions they can answer, or responsive, interactive word/play with what they are doing, leaving ___________ spaces for them to fill in as they read, or actively including them in the blog will help them to actually participate, and share it.

#6 – Create a Positive Personal Experience

When you’re positive and share positive views of the world, even in negative circumstances, your readers learn to respond with happy faces. Try it. You can post – even about negative things – in a positive light and gain positive influential readers. They will participate in your positive light. All you have to do is lead the way. Be an example they want to follow.

#7 – Leverage Sensual Emotional Experiences

Of course, Chocolate is better than Sex, so is a shower. If you present it in the right light, scooping cow poop can be an emotional high (I used to work at a feed yard, trust me here). The thing is, you have do provide the emotional experience you desire your reader to have while reading. If you’re excited and happy your readers will be excited and happy. Share the emotional experiences and they will share those with others.

And the best part of all this…

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