Tips on How to Create Effective Content on Online Micro Blogging Sites Like Twitter

Blogging is essential for every online business but with the rise of online micro blogging sites like Twitter, marketers have now found a new way of putting information out there in a faster and more efficient manner.

Micro blogging is shrinking or limiting the size of what marketers usually write as content for his or her blog site. It is minimizing or condensing what people say into smaller, more direct and highly concise posts. In short, only the highly relevant things are being shown or highlighted. If you are active on Twitter or Tumblr, you will understand how it is to be an expert at condensing your words to fit the 140-character maximum. And, this includes the spaces, punctuation and links that you use in the post.

No matter how limited and perhaps, restricting posting on online micro blogging sites is, the concept has actually been hugely accepted by most social media marketers. This is not surprising since most users are looking forward to quickly understanding and finding solutions at a snap of a finger. This also means that those with short attention spans or always on the go and pressed for time can actually check out their updates and the latest tweets without having to scan through articles or contents that are at least 400 to 1000 words long. Imagine how convenient it is to get the gist and the point in less than a few words!

Now, for those still trying their hand on Twitter, it might get a little bit more to get used to the concept of mincing words and phrases. Here are some tips which can help you create posts that are 140 characters or less on Twitter!

Say What’s Important

People go online not to listen to you rant or rave about what happened in your daily bathroom routine. In fact, if you want people to lose interest in what you are saying, go overboard or apply TMI (Too Much Information) scheme.

In order to perfect the art of micro blogging and keeping people interested or hanging on to your every post, you have to learn how to focus on what is really important. If you are talking about a dog shampoo, do not go on and on about your dog and how he is part of your family and how he likes to take walks and stuff. Get to the juice of your brand. Is it flea repellent? Is it highly affordable? How does it benefit your pet?

If you keep the posts short but full of meat, then people will know you and your product right away! This makes decision making extra easy for them because they can use the time they would have used to read through a full blog post to think about your product instead.

Shorten Your Links

Linking or retweeting links from your favorite sites or from your blog site is a staple in Twitter and quite essential for micro blogging. However, instead of putting the regular link in your post (which can actually take up most of the 140 character limitation), you have to use a Link shortener. Good thing Twitter automatically does this for you once you provide a link on your tweet. This saves people time as well as allows you to put short, attention-grabbing comments or descriptions with your link.


One of the easiest ways to share sentiments and a whole lot of information concerning your niche is to retweet posts from the other users you follow.Of course, you have to be careful that you do not plagiarize anything. Paraphrase it into your own words! This can also help you build relationships over the Twitter network because you and the person you followed or retweeted will be grateful and return the same courtesy.

It also helps if you have great Twitter applications or software that can manage your accounts and schedule your tweets. This makes the bulk of the work lesser and easier to manage. Plus, you do not have to worry about not being online since the tweets are already scheduled.

Of course, you also have to follow the golden rule and that is: “If you do not have anything nice or interesting to say, don’t say anything at all”

Remember, the tricky part for creating short and precise contents for online micro blogging sitesis that once you say something, it’s difficult to take back. So always be prudent and think about what you are saying or tweeting.

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